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Lever Type Load Binders
3/8", 5400 lb. Capacity
MFG: Indusco Wire Rope & Fittings
MFG Part#: 16100036
Avail: Yes    Pkg Qty: 1    UM: EA
NHB Part#: IND 16100036
  • Drop forged
  • Ball and socket joints at hook assemblies permit a straight line pull
  • Working load limit is based on a design factor of 3:1
Product Specifications
Chain G-433/8"
Chain G-705/16"
Take Up4.5"
Working Load Limit5,400 Lbs

Forged Ratchet Type Load Binder
3/8" Chain Size G43, 5/16" G70, 8" Take-up, 2600 lbs. WLL
MFG: Dixie Industries, Inc.
MFG Part#:
Avail: Yes    Pkg Qty: 1    UM: EA
NHB Part#: DI 48810
  • Each ratchet component is forged from pure alloy steel
  • Handle is designed loose using self-locking one-way bolts allowing easy removal of unwanted debris such as mud, snow or ice
  • Proof tested to 50% of the minimum breaking strength
  • Gears are permanently welded to the barrel

Product Specifications
Chain Size G433/8
Chain Size G705/16
Working Load Limit5,400 lbs

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