Product Details
NHB Part # SQW 015310-CC
Manufacturer Sqwincher
Mfg Part # 015310-CC
Weight (lbs) 0.07
Package Qty 1
Unit of Meas. EA
On Hand Yes
Price $0.53




Cool Citrus Fast Pack

.6 Oz Pkg, 6 Oz Yield, Cool Citrus
SqwincherŪ Fast PackŪ

product specs

Unique Sqwincher Fast PackŪ single-serving package eliminates the need for cups-each foil package is its own cup! Simply add water to the liquid concentrate inside to make a 6-ounce single serving. Fast PackŪ easily fits in a pocket, lunch box or glove box.

  • 0.6 Oz. Package
  • 6 Oz. Yield
  • 200 Packages Per Case

Product Specifications
FlavorCool Citrus

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